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MaxiSAVE RM2000

smartest Rain/Mains

Available in a range of
colours to match your tank
Pre-plumbed pump and control valves

LED indicator and system test

Quick plug control unit

Simple and Smart
The MaxiSAVE® RM2000 is an automatic Rain/Mains control System with in-built pump. The unique electronic features make the MaxiSAVE® RM2000 one of the smartest units available.

  • MaxiSAVE® RM2000 is designed to simplify and save time on installation with an attractive appearance. The pump and control valves are easily accessed in case of maintenance inside a durable poly enclosure.

  • MaxiSAVE® RM2000 allows tankwater to be used for water supply in preference to mains water, the RM2000 will automatically switch from one water supply to the other as required.

  • MaxiSAVE® RM2000 allows for high flow water demands and is ideal for irrigation and larger home applications.

  • MaxiSAVE® RM2000 is designed to save water and reduce water expenses, it may also allow you to claim for a rebate when installed by a licensed plumber.

  • MaxiSAVE® RM2000 is energy efficient using less than 100mA, thanks to the unique electronics and specially designed control valve.

MaxiSAVE® RM2000
705mm H x 500mm W x 400mm D
Pump: HYJET DHJ800 60L/min automatic pressure pump

  • 3/4" BSP connection
  • 1" BSP pump connection
  • Suitable for single and double storey homes
  • High pressure rating of 950 KPA on mains pressureMaxiSave RM2000

Installation of the MaxiSave 2000

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