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MaxiSAVE RM1000

smartest Rain/Mains

Available in a range of
colours to match your tank

Pre-plumbed pump and control valves
LED indicator and system test
Quick plug control unit

MaxiSAVE® RM1000
uses watermarked fittings -
approval No's W4004, W2009.

MaxiSAVE® RM1000
uses approved electrical components -
No. N17601.

  • UNIQUE in design
  • SMART in control
  • EFFICIENT in consumption
  • VERSATILE in application
  • SIMPLE in function
  • IMFORMATIVE in indication


Managing our precious resources
The MaxiSAVE® RM1000 is an automatic Rain/Mains control System with in-built pump. The unique electronic features make the MaxiSAVE® RM1000 one of the smartest units available.

  • MaxiSAVE® RM1000 allows tank water to be used for water supply in preference to mains water. The RM1000 will automatically switch to mains water in the event of power failure or low tank water level.

  • MaxiSAVE® RM1000 allows for high flow water demans, due to negligable restriction on the pump supply. This makes it ideal for irrigation and larger home applications.

  • MaxiSAVE® RM1000 is designed to save water and reduce water expenses. It may also entitle you to claim a rebate when installed by a licensed plumber.

  • MaxiSAVE® RM1000 is energy efficient using less than 100mA, thanks to the unique electronics and specially designed control valve.


  • Heavy Duty unit for commercial and domestic applications
  • LED light indication for Mains and Tank water in use
  • Mains water manual overide lever
  • System test button- provides a change of system status
  • Ease of installation
    • External mounting brackets on controller
    • All connections in one common location for neat and tidy installation
    • Plug in low voltage float switch, valve and pump connections (no electrician required)

Versatile in application

  • The MaxiSAVE® RM1000 can be installed with dry mount or submersible pump
  • The MaxiSAVE® RM1000 controller can be installed up to 50m away from the above ground or underground water storage tank.

RM1000 'Quick Plug' Design
The MaxiSAVE® RM1000 has been pre-fitted with sockets for the pump, valve and float switch connections. all these connections differ from each other making it impossible to incorrectly connect the unit. This is an excellent feature for installations where appropriately qualified tradesmen are not available.

MaxiSave RM2000
Float Switch
Pressure Controller/Pump
Power Lead

Dimensions:1300mm H x 173mm W x 85mm

  • Check valve 25mm BSP
  • Dual check valve 25mm BSP
  • Pulse latching solenoid valve 25mm BSP

Installation Guide

Installation of the MaxiSave 2000

RM1000 Complete Kit

  • MaxiSAVE® RM1000 Rain/Mains water controller
  • Main Control Valve 25mm BSP (watermark approved)
  • 24 Volt float switch (10 metre lead)
  • Dual check valve 25mm BSP (watermark approved)
  • Check valve 25mm BSP

RM1000 Complete Kit


Extension Lead:

10 metre extension lead for float cable, complete with easy connect plugs and heatshrink.

RM1000 Accessories


Quality is the essence - 18 years experience..