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Key Features of a Greenland Systems solar collector:

• All season efficiency:
Greenland Systems solar collector with full vacuum singe glass tub and a heat pipe is a four-seasons device. Because it performs efficiently all year round, even under diffused sunlight and in cold weather, it saves more on your water heating costs.

• Long service life at peak performance:
Achieved by keeping the solar absorber and all heat transfer parts permanently sealed in a vacuum, protected from thermal and environmental degradation, Greenland Systems solar water heater will continue to provide plenty of free hot water efficiently for many years after it has paid for itself.

• Durability:
Made from the highest quality materials throughout to endure extreme operating conditions, Greenland Systems solar collector will maintain its excellent performance and stylish appearance for decades.

Domestic Solar Tube

Solar Panel

• Solid Construction:
Headerbox is made from extruded anodized aluminium. Greenland Systems solar collector combines the artistic and the environmental concepts.

• Lightweight modular construction:
Easy to install. Supplied with sturdy all stainless steel frame.

• Rugged, reliable, leakage-proof and hail resistant:
Greenland Systems full vacuum solar tube is made from extra strong 2.8-3.0mm thick boron glass. Its impact resistance far exceeds the hail impace strength requirements of the AS/NZS:2712 and of all International Standards.

•Manufactured in an environment-friendly process.

• International Certifications:
Greenland Systems solar collectors are certified to AS/NZS:2712 and to EN:12975-DIN Certco Solar Keymark.

• Low thermal mass for fast thermal response to short bursts of sunshine:
With only a single layer of high-clarity glass between the sunligh and the lightweight metal absorber, the collector temperature rises fast, delivering useful heat.

Key Features of a Greenland Systems solar collector:
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• Single glass construction ensures top performance and durability

• Using special technology to permanently bond metal with glass, all active parts are always fully protected in a vacuum

• Greenland Systems solar collector will operate as new for decades

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No sacrificial anodes, miniumum maintenance

• Long life marine grade stainless steel water storage tank with superior heat insulation ensures highest level of hot water hygiene

• Stylish, timeless design

• Longest Warranty

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• Lightweight selective coated absorber from high purity aluminium for fastest thermal response

• Greenland Systems solar collector can generate useful heat even during short bursts of sunshine

• Integrated heat absorber and heat pipe for high performance under all conditions

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• Dry heat interface design totally separates water circuit from solar heat supply circuit

• Greenland Systems solar heater is frost-protected and maintenance free

• No blockages from stone build up• Tubes can be rotated for correct orientation

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• Stylish header box is made from extruded and anodized aluminium

• Manifold's special duplex thermal insulation for life-long peak performance

• Sealed against water ingress by O-rings

• Eco-friendly, solid, stable, durable, 100% recyclable

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• Most suitable for large commercial and industrial solar thermal installations, including dairy & food processing, sterilisation, space heating, solar air conditioning, hybrid systems and other applications demanding reliable high quality heat supply

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• Boron glass vacuum tubes for unmatched strength and durability under toughest conditions

• Tested to AS/NZS:2712 for hail impact, Greenland Systems full vacuum solar tubes actually exceed the requirements of the Australian Standard for hail impact resistance several-fold

• Australian designed and made solar controller delivers solar heat quickly and efficiently

• Highest quality Pt1000 temperature sensors are sealed in a stainless steel body for life-long reliable service in all conditions

• Easy to install and provides frost protection, stagnation protection and automatic emergency heat relief



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