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Solar Absorber

Solar Absorber

Orange: Greenland Systems Solar collector
Cream: Other Type of Solar Collector (Flat Plate)

Annual comparative energy performance: This comparision is based on two solar collectors of same aperture installed on same location and operating under the same conditions concurrently.

Key Features of a Greenland Systems solar collector:

The absorber area of the Greenland Systems Solar collector is directly contained within a single skin Vacuum Tube make of AS/NZS 2712 hail resistant, 2.5mm ~ 2.8mm thick, Boron Grass.

Why is the absorber held in a vacuum?
By holding the solar absorber permanently in a vacuum, Greenland Systems are able to supply a highly efficient collecter with long service life. This is achieved by:

  • Improved efficiency, since vacuum is a near perfect insulator preventing conductive and convective heat loss from the absorber to the environment.

  • Since all hot radiation-absorbing component are permanently isolated from the atmosphere and humidity, the absorber is not subject to erosion, electrolytic corrosion, oxidisation and other forms of degradation. This collector design ensures the collector's peak performance is mantained during the collector's entire service life.

  • A single glass layer between the incident light and the absorber, which is thermally bonded to the heap pipe. All absorbed heat is tranferred to the heated fluid directly and quickly. This unique design reduces the collector's heat transfer losses and its thermal response time, thus increasing its dynamic performance.

With its unique design, the Greenland Systems solar collector has a substantially longer service life than normally expected from a solar collector. It has been specifically designed to withstand extremely harsh operating conditions, including periods of thermal stagnation.

Stagnation temperature is the maximum temperature achieved by a solar collector and is reached when the collector's total heat losses exactly balance the energy absorbed by the collector. In conventional solar collectors used for water heating, stagnation temperature is usually about 160 to 180 degrees celcius. Stagnation temperature of Greenland Systems heatpipe type collector is over 230 degrees celcius.

High stagnation temperature of a solar collector is a reliable indication of the collector's superior performance in cold climates, and at high temperatures of the heated fluid.

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Most collectors can not achieve such high stagnation temperatures let alone withstand these extreme temperatures without rapid, significant and permanent loss of their working efficiency.

Greenland Systems solar collectors deliver "high quality heat" consistently and efficiently over a wide range of operating temperatures and solar intensities. This makes our solar collectors perfectly suited for efficient supply of solar heat at heated fluid temperatures above 100 degrees celcius. Greenland Systems collectors are suitable for applications in the areas of Solar Thermal Electricity Generation and Solar Air-Conditioning. Greenland solar collectors are the collectors of choice for large scale commercial and industrial solar thermal applications.

Solar Controller:
The Greenland Systems Solar Controller is robust and reliable, and it has multifunction capabilitiesThis multi-channel controller has been designed to run from AC to DC power source, which makes it ideally suited for use in remote locations lacking electricity grid.

Greenland Systems engineers have designed an intelligent Adaptive Touch Screen menu driven Solar System controller for large scale solar thermal applications. This controller is very intuitive and flexible, allowing the system configuration, capacity and operating parameters to be se easily and quickly.

The Greenland Systems solar collector is a Single Glass Full Vacuum Tube collector offering many advantages
Most evacuated tube collectors on the market currently are of "double skin evacuated tube" type. This describes a solar collector in which the insulating vacuum is confined between two layers of glass (hence the term "double skin"). In such collector all heat transfer parts are actually situation in the atmoshphere, thus subject to continuous atmospheric and thermal degradation.

The high strength boron glass tube of Greenland Systems Solar Collectors can withstand extreme climatic conditions
This glass is supremely fit for service in all regions of the Earth from the south pole to the north pole and anywhere in between. Through heavy snows and storms, Greenland Systems Single Glass Full Vacuum Tube solar collector will retain its excellent performance, reliability, structural integrity and good appearance during its entire life.

Greenland Systems collectors can perform effectively even in cloudy or intermittent sunlight conditions
By clever design and low thermal inertia, any heat absorbed is delivered to the load quickly with minimum delay.

Solar Collection Specifications

Solar Hot Water Service
Greenland Systems


Stainless Steel Modular Storage Tank
Stainless Steel Modular Storage Tank

Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Modular Storage Tank with stainless PU clad insulating panels. Ideal for hot or chilled water storage, this tank ensures superior water hygiene, long life and aesthetic appearance.

Comparison Graph 2

Comparison Graph 1

Dry Heat Interface (DHI) Advantages:

  • Super easy installation, dry tube insertion
  • No blockages thru debris buildup
  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Allows tub rotation for maximum solar gain
  • Minimum long-term maintenance
  • All-metal construction, extruded aluminium header - no seals, leakage-proof system

Vacuum Tube Types:

Vacuum Tube GL100/ GL 70

Vacuum Tube GL100 - PT (Passive Tracking)
Tube Cross Sections

Vaccum Tube GL100 DF (Directly Flow)

GL integrated Solar Vacuum Tube with heat pipe and flat absorber is ideally suited for most solar thermal applications, from domestic through to large scale commercial. Easy to install high performance Solar Tub with full rotational adjustability.

GL PT (Passive Tracking) integrated Solar Vacuum Tube with heat pipe:

  • Installations with all-day solar exposure can harvest 10-14% more energy annually with PT Tubes
  • GL PT Tube retains most advantages of GL vacuum tube with flat absorber
  • GLPT Tube can install any time as direct replacement for GL flat absorber tube.

FL DF (Direct Flor) integrated Solar Vacuum Tube:

  • Designed for excellent architectrual adaptability, this Vacuum Tube can operate either horizontally, vertically or tilted at any angle.
  • Unmatched high fluid temperature performance is well beyond reach of most non-concentrated solar thermal systems
  • Ideal for applications requiring reliable and efficient heat supply at higher than usual operating temperatures
  • Applications include industrial and commercial heating, solar air-conditioning, medical sterilizing, space heating, food and dairy
  • Optimum orientation of solar absorber is achieved by simply rotating the tube around it lonitudinal axis, irrespective of the tube installation angle.

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